Q&A with Help Us Help volunteer Sam

Answers from Sam Baker, student volunteer with Help Us Help

What do you study and in what year are you? Physics – 3rd year

What is your volunteer role and what does it involve?  Kitchen assistant/ chef. I help prepare food for hot meals that will be served to the homeless. Guests can either come to the Archer project to collect a meal, or meals are delivered straight to guests in sheltered accommodation. The service is open everyday and serves breakfasts and lunches. Breakfasts are usually bacon/egg butties, and lunches are often things like chilli, curry, goulash, stew etc.

Why did you sign up to volunteer? I wanted to volunteer with Help Us Help because many of the homeless shelters had been forced to shut during lockdown, and volunteers were desperately needed. It was also a good excuse to get out the house!

When did you start? How did you hear about it? I started about a month ago. I heard about it through the Sunday Centre, who I had been volunteering regularly with previously. 

Something memorable that has happened: I left the other morning after my breakfast shift, and a lot of the guests were still waiting by the gate. They thanked me personally and even complimented the cooking! It was very touching. I also saw someone I am friendly with from Sunday Centre, who said he had been staying in temporary accommodation during the crisis. It was good to have a catch up. 

Read more about Help Us Help and the agencies which are involved in the Multi-agency response: http://www.helpushelp.uk/blog/our-covid-19-emergency-statement

Donate to local homelessness charities, who are working very hard to support homeless and vulnerable people in Sheffield, on our All In Event fundraising page: https://tinyurl.com/ycn6a2te

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